This tutorial assumes you have already

This tutorial isn’t finished yet. However you can always look at the code in my ExampleMod, where I write and perfect the stuff I teach in these tutorials. My main mod class is here

1) make a >public >no args >constructor with nothing in it
2) Now make a constant logger for your mod
public static final Logger LOGGER = LogManager.getLogger(MODID); (import the log4j logger not the java.util one)
3) Then in your constructor call LOGGER.debug("Hello from YourModName!");
4) for eclipse people refresh /src/
5) If you run your game again, you should be able to see “Hello from YourModName!” in your log
The final result should look something like this

package io.github.cadiboo.examplemod;

import net.minecraftforge.fml.common.Mod;
import org.apache.logging.log4j.LogManager;
import org.apache.logging.log4j.Logger;

 * @author Cadiboo
public final class ExampleMod {

	public static final String MODID = "examplemod";

	public static final Logger LOGGER = LogManager.getLogger(MODID);

	public ExampleMod() {
		LOGGER.debug("Hello from Example Mod!");