This page assumes you already have basic knowledge of minecraft modding and Forge.

If you’re reading this, you don’t need a Proxy

No Proxies

  • More info about Sides and Distributions here
  • More info on how proxies used to work and Sides and Distributions here
  • Proxies are a way to run different code depending on the PHYSICAL side (Physical sides are also called Distributions) that your mod is running on.
  • A Proxy holds code that is run EXCLUSIVELY on the physical client or the physical server. It’s only purpose is to handle code that can’t be run on the other physical side (i.e. it will crash the game if run on the wrong distribution). Any common code should be run from literally anywhere else.
  • 1.7.10 introduced Registry Events, which made proxies and the preInit mod loading event pretty much unnecessary.
  • Many tutorials still recommend proxies because the tutorial writers are using extremely outdated practices that they learned from people who learned from people who used proxies back when they were necessary in 1.2.5.
  • Proxies are still useful in a tiny handful of situations but by the time you get into one of these situations you will understand the need for the proxy and this won’t happen until your mod is very advanced
  • Beginners don’t need a proxy and beginners attempting to use a proxy just makes it a lot easier for beginners to break everything

If you have a class called ClientProxy, CommonProxy or ServerProxy from a tutorial you followed I recommend you delete it. Sided Event Subscribers replace proxies functionality in 99% of cases and are necessary anyway.

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