This tutorial assumes you have already


  1. Open build.gradle as a Project by going to Menu > Import > build.gradle or File > Open > build.gradle > Open as Project to switch if you are already working on another project
    Import File
  2. Use default settings
    Import Project
    Personally I uncheck Create separate module per source set
    Separate Module Checkbox
  3. Wait for build sync to download everything and finish
    This will take a while as Forge downloads everything and sets up your modding environment.
    Sync View 0
    Sync View 1
    Sync Download
  4. Refresh gradle project
    Gradle Tab
    Gradle Refresh
  5. Run the task genIntellijRuns to generate the run configs to run minecraft
    genIntellijRuns exec
  6. Go to the Run Configurations menu and fix (set the module of) your runClient run configuration
    Select Run Config
    Edit Configs
    Error No Module
    Set Module
    Save your changes
    All of these run configs launch minecraft.
    Run configs list
    • runClient launches the minecraft client
    • runData launches minecraft in a special mode that only does the bare minimum required to automatically generate json files like recipes and blockstates.
    • runServer launches the minecraft server
  7. Run the game
    Run `runClient`


When asking for help make sure to include your console log.
genIntellijRuns log

1.2 - Basic Mod